Casa de los Sueños

Home of Katherine & Michael Grella
60 Blue Heron (Key Allegro)

The Key Allegro home of Katherine and Michael Grella, located at 60 Blue Heron, is named Casa de los Sueños, or House of Dreams.  It’s a fitting name based on the existing structure as well as the extensive renovations visible from the street, which include an eye catching grand staircase to a second floor entrance to the home.  The spacious two story coastal getaway sits on a canal with lovely views of Little and Aransas Bay.  The large swimming pool to the left side of the home and the surrounding furniture and landscape features are perfectly placed and maintained impeccably.  There is a Jesús Bautista Moroles sculpture with a water feature on the pool grounds that resembles Spirit Columns, an Art Center sculpture triptych that resides in Little Bay.  Rockport Center for the Arts houses two additional Moroles works in the Sculpture Garden, Interlocking and the 21-foot monument Lighthouse Fountain.  Unlike the other homes on the tour this year, the interior of this coastal getaway is going to be a surprise.  Due to ongoing renovations, we’ve been unable to tour the home to offer descriptions about the furnishings, accessories or art collection.  Suffice it to say, the Grellas are informed collectors of art.  They are co-owners of Artspace 111, an art gallery in Ft. Worth.  We can treat Casa de los Sueños like a box of Cracker Jacks; there’s going to be a prize on the inside that none of us can predict, but everyone will enjoy!