Peninsula Oaks Dream

Home of Michaela & Kyle Alston
403 Traylor

This two story industrial cottage, located at 403 Traylor Boulevard, sits on a large tree filled lot with trails and lots of play space for children and adults. It’s the home of Michaela and Kyle Alston and their three children.  The Alstons purchased the lot four years ago.  Their home, designed and built by Kyle, was completed three years ago in July.  When you enter through the front door, notice the durable, yet beautiful wood tile floors that run throughout the house.  If you go down the hallway to the right, you’ll find the large kitchen, dining and living area.  The color schemes are neutral grays on the ship lap wall coverings with white trim on the windows and doors that create a clean, sharp look, but their collection of art adds color and dimension to the wonderful living space.  Kyle’s mother, Brenda Davis, has created much of the art throughout their home.  A series of large glass panels slide into a pocket in a wall, leaving most of one side of the living room open to the outdoors, a feature that comes in handy for parties and gatherings.  Rather than have a traditional dining table, the bar in the kitchen, complete with comfortable bar stools, serves as an eating and gathering area.  Large windows reveal a wonderful view of the back yard where their children play.  Michaela’s office is off the living area, and her desk is constructed with a wrought iron frame and a decorative top, reportedly made from wrought iron heating grates that were once in Buckingham Palace.  Their daughter’s bedroom is off the hallway to the left of the front door.  There is a beautiful antique bed, and the furnishings and bedding are unique.  The first room off the hall straight ahead of the front door is the kid’s bathroom. It has three white porcelain sinks in a row, one for each child!  The shower stall is tiled and has an open design with a half wall entrance. Next you’ll see the children’s study nook.  Further down the hall on the right is the boy’s room, with twin beds downstairs and a staircase inside the room that leads to a loft with a game table, blackboard and comfortable chairs for reading or playing video games.  Their bedroom is decorated with bright colors and even has snowboards mounted on the wall.  The master bedroom is elegant, but understated. The monogrammed bed linens create a finished, tailored look.  The master bath is spacious, as is the walk in closet, and it has a smart access to the laundry room.  The planning and careful use of space is evident throughout the home, with lots of built-ins and fun hidden details. The last but not least feature of their home is named Lolita.  She’s a Texas miniature pig, and boy is she cute!

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