La Casa Blanca de Mil Colores

Home of Cheryl & Warren Williams
106 Boardwalk (Watermark)

When you see the brightly colored rocking chairs on the front porch from the street and as you approach their two-story home you’ll begin to understand why Cheryl and Warren Williams call it La Casa Blanca de Mil Colores (The White House of a Thousand Colors).  It was built in 2013.  As you enter through the front door, notice that the exterior and interior walls and floors are cool, neutral tones of sage and putty. But the furniture, accessories, rugs and even the lamps have been carefully chosen to create a symphony of color throughout the entire three-bedroom vacation home. Cheryl said that their last home in Heron’s Roost had a lot of colors on the walls and trim, so this is a different approach. Much of the furniture throughout the house are creations of either David Marsh or Ann and Todd Winkler, furniture makers extraordinaire!  A favorite spot just beyond the living area is the sun room that was originally designed as an outdoor area, but was enclosed when the home was built.  The master bedroom is elegant, calming and intimate.  Like a hand in glove, the linens and custom painted bed make a perfect fit with the art, furniture and accessories.  The top of the staircase to the second floor bedroom area opens into a large landing outside the two bedrooms and bath.  The large oversized chair and ottoman look like a good place to sit and read or watch kids and adults putting together jigsaw puzzles at the game table.  More cheery rugs upstairs, too.  There are two spacious bedrooms that are decorated with colorful linens, again with beds hand painted to match the individual bedding.  There’s a nice size bath between the bedrooms with private access from one bedroom and hall access as well.  Check out the petticoat added to the bottom of the shower curtain upstairs.  Actually it’s functional because the whole family is tall and the shower curtain bar is mounted higher than usual.  The back doors lead to a patio with bay trees and oaks providing soothing shade to the yard.  The glider chairs in the back are a perfect splash of color!  A bright, happy place to get away in Rockport!

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