“Magic” – Boat of Terry Godbold

A christening heralds a new life. That’s exactly what Terry Godbold expects when he breaks a bottle of champagne on the hull of his refurbished Grand Banks 36’6″ trawler and renames her. Changing the name of a boat is said to bring bad luck, but Terry is willing to risk it to replace the original Black Jack name with Magic. Last year, he found the trawler built in 1993 languishing in Kemah, TX with only 2,200 hours on the engine. Recognizing the rare bargain, he bought her and sailed to Rockport. Now, he’s preparing for the trip of a lifetime: The Great Loop, a 6,000+ mile trip around Florida, up the East Coast through the Erie Canal and Great Lakes to Chicago, and down several rivers to return to the Gulf Coast. The Grand Banks is designed for this demanding trip with its 1,000-mile fuel tank capacity range, high prow and bulwarks, 12’6″ beam, 4′ draft, and a luxurious all-teak interior. Two staterooms, two heads (bathrooms) and a large main cabin provide space to spread out during the 18-month voyage. Terry has years of boating experience as a licensed captain and sailboat racer, but decided to trade grinding winches for a more leisurely ride. He’ll watch local sailboat races this year with Magic serving as a committee boat for the Rockport Yacht Club. After he and his wife Dorothy spent 13 days together on the boat recently, they decided they passed the togetherness test (Dorothy did not kill Terry) and are ready for the Grand Loop adventure, scheduled for 2017. Step up to the gangplank, ask permission to come aboard and imagine your own boating adventure aboard this magnificent yacht.



Photos by Stephen Fisher.